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Asked 2w ago

Should I switch my integrated shield plan from NTUC Income to Great Eastern?

I’m currently insured under NTUC’s IP (class A ward). I’m considering either adding a classic rider to my current IP or switching to GE with classic rider.

NTUC’s rider removes the deductible altogether and limits co-payment of 10% to $3000. So for smaller bills, I’d have to fork out lesser cash. As for GE’s rider, I have to co-pay either 5% or deductible of $3500 whichever higher, limited to $3000.

The thing is NTUC’s pre/post hosp only covers 100/100days compared to GE’s 120/365days.


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You need to ask yourself why would you be switching?

1) Price?

Prices fluctuate based on the volume of the claims. So if GE is cheaper now, that might not be the case indefinitely as premiums are reviewed periodically.

2) Existing medical conditions.

When you switch to the GE policy, your existing medical conditions might not be covered or covered with exclusions. Also, you might be loaded with additional premiums if you're previously a non-smoker under the Ntuc and you picked up smoking.

3) If you previously had the NTUC plan which was bought quite some time ago (with the riders attached- coinsurance and deductibles), you might be covered 100%. But when you switch to ANY new plan, even with buying all the additional riders, you'll only be covered 95% of the hospital bills! This is because of the new government legislation. You will still need to come out with 5% of the co-insurance as a means to take responsibility on your own health!


Question Poster

2w ago

Hi, the reason why I’m thinking of making a switch is due to GE’s much longer post hospitalisation (100 days vs 365 days) coverage. However the thing that’s stopping me is the difference in rider. Premium is not a concern for me and I do not have any existing medical conditions.
Michael Wong
Michael Wong

2w ago

Based on what you've updated, it seem that both riders are similar as they cap the $ you fork out at $3000. The main difference is the pre/post hospitalisation where GE hasa longer period.
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