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Asked on 08 Nov 2019

Should I surrender / sell my policy / continue paying premiums?

Long Term Endowment:

25 years premium term (Total expected premiums paid: $21,789)

Total Surrender Value @Maturity: $24,832 ($10,465 Guaranteed + $14,367 Non Guaranteed)

Total Premium Paid till date (6th year): $5,229

Surrender Value till date (6th year): $986

Total Premiums paid in 25 years is $21,789 but the Guaranteed amount is only $10,465.


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Hi anon,

The numbers don't look too good, but it will be easier to answer your questions if you can provide the exact details of your policy beyond just the numbers (e.g. which plan was it, is there a cashback component, etc).

Generally, plans with a cashback component have weak guaranteed returns, but if you accumulate the cashback, the returns can be better, but you will be banking on the non-guaranteed portion to be delivered.

You'll really have to sit down and crunch the numbers before deciding to continue or not.


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Alvin Teo
Alvin Teo
Level 6. Master
Answered on 08 Nov 2019

The figures look quite bad.

Need to sit down and crunch numbers. But of course what objectives are you trying to achieve?

You have an income from your work, are you putting money aside to fulfill these objective regardless of whether you keep or rid off this policy?


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What company is this? The product on the investment side does look a bit weak but the low returns maybe due to high protection offered.

perhaps you can share the protection side?


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