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Should I pursue a degree in SIT-UOG Aeronautical Engineering or Mechtronics? I'm from SP Mechanical Engineering but I don't really like my course but I want to work in the IT field. Can anyone advice me?

I'm from SP mechanical Engineering, and my current CGPA is 3.2. I don't really like Mechanical Engineering due to the modules like materials, designing and machining but I wanna work in the IT field. HELP

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    • Jim Ng
      Jim Ng, Wealth Manager at Aviva Financial Advisers

      Top Contributor (Nov)

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      Answered on 28 Oct 2018

      If you would like to work in the IT field, have you considered

      ICT (Software Engineering ) or ICT (Information Security) from Singapore Institute Of Technology?

      These are pretty decent 3.5 years programme that has a 1 year "attachment" which pays you a "full-time" pay , at around 2k, way more than a typical intern is getting. They call it IWSP.


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    • Jason Sin
      Jason Sin

      Top Contributor (Nov)

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      Answered 3w ago

      Pursue what you love. If your passion is in IT, go for an IT course and choose an IT career.

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