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Should I get integrated shield plan for my parents who are Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holder? They are 64 years old. Is there any other option other than shield plan? It costs 2-3k SGD annually for private hospital plan with no rider for foreigner?

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    • Soon Xiaohui
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      Answered on 18 Apr 2018

      Hello there.

      Yes, it would be best to have a shield plan - this will give you a peace of mind unless your parents have a high coverage plan back at home country and it has to be able cover oversea treatment/emergency treatment.

      There are other options however based on your parents' age, getting an international health plan is more costly than shield plan. And the cheaper alternative is not available due to your parents' age.

      If your parents do have pre-existing conditions then you may consider getting an international health plan otherwise shield plan will be better options for you & your parents.

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    • Zhouyang Hu
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      Answered on 18 Apr 2018

      It will really depends on if your parents are staying in Singapore for long period of time or need to travel in between Singapore and home country frequently.

      Let’s say if your parents is staying in Singapore for long period of time. I think it’s good to get integrated shield plan from the insurers in Singapore. Singapore has high cost for medical treatment, it is absolutely necessary to do so.

      Let’s say your parents need to travel to home country frequently, then perhaps you should encourage them to take up global health plan for world wide coverage. Some insurers in Singapore provide that, or he can get from their home country if they provides.

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    Jason Sin

    Top Contributor (Nov)

    326 Answers, 410 Upvotes
    29 Nov 2018

    Yes, if you could afford it. Do explore all options available before committing.

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