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Asked by AhLong Khoo

Asked on 18 Dec 2018

Should I do a career switch to HR?

Looking for a career switch to HR.. will like to seek advice if getting a Post Grad from SHRI ( 6 months, $5.7k ) or WSQ Specialist Dip from HCS ( 10 months $10k ) is better? Seeking industry expert advice.


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Daniel Ling
Daniel Ling
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 20 Dec 2018

Short answer why not?

Long answer. What is your field? Number of years? Reason for change?

There's too many variables for another person to answer you.

Every field have it's ups and downs.

Some may even advise you to switch to selling property or insurance.

I would say if you enjoy it, you think it is a good path. Do it. Someone else with a better track in another field will say that field is better than HR. E.g.: I'm IT, IT is better than HR. It is correct from my POV.

Now a HR person could also say yes HR is good. But that's from that person's POV. It doesn't mean it will be good for you as well.