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Posted on 12 Oct 2018

Should I change jobs even thought I don't hate my current job?

Current job: good hours, mid-low job satisfaction and colleagues not very socially inclusive sadly

Prospective job: 1.3x pay ($1k++ more), bad hours, heard from others that job satisfaction and colleagues are good (but of course this may differ from person to person - no way of saying if I will feel the same way)

What would you do? Moving into a tougher job and unknown environment is scary and I'm not sure if the pay raise/potential upsides are worth it.


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Well, do you need to have work life balance in this stage of your career / life? Do you have a family / young kids to take care of? If you don't have any commitments at the moment, can consider the prospective new role since it pays better. And use this as a stepping stone to the next role with higher salary. But if you have family commitments, may be a better idea to stay put since the hours are better.



Jason Sing

Jason Sing

Level 12. Master

Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Pay is one important consideration. The most important consideration I feel is your boss who could really make a hell lot of difference to your career development. Just my humble opinion.


Meliá Widjaja

Meliá Widjaja

07 Dec 2018

So true. Also, company culture


Hi there! If you value inclusiveness at work and don't mind working more hours, I would say it's a g...

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