Asked by Kenneth Lou

Share your healthy living tips and hacks (fitness and diet) in Singapore?

I recently got quite into fitness in Singapore and are keen to learn from fellow fitness enthusiasts what they do on a daily or regular basis to save up more! I believe that fitness can and should come at an affordable price!

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    • Steph Yeo
      Steph Yeo, Auntie Uncle Whisperer at Agency for Integrated Care
      69 Answers, 141 Upvotes
      Answered on 14 Sep 2018

      Fitness: 1) attend HPB workouts. Under their Sunrise in the City programme, there are alot of classes by alot of studios/gyms all over sg. Sign up for the mailing list so you know when the booking window opens, cuz popular slots like weekend workouts get snapped up really fast!

      2) use your ActiveSG dollars if yours are still valid. Some people's expire alr.

      3) if you need help getting out of bed for exercise, wear your workout clothes to sleep.  Once you wake up next morning you're almost ready to go!

      4) if nice workout clothes motivate you, then just buy them. But don't buy too many lah. Look out for sales at your favourite brand, check out outlet stores, and maybe go jb/usa buy. I generally refuse to buy workout clothes at their original price.

      5) follow your favourite brands on social media. They often have free events that you can work out at, and most would come with some sort of discount for their products. And you'll also know when the sales are, for Point 4 abv.

      6) download fitness apps and subscribe to fitness youtube channels so you can workout whenever wherever. I like the rockstar fit app by Natalie Dau, videos by blogilates (Cassey Ho) and Emi Wong are cool too, and a tabata counter app helps time my tabata workouts at home.

      7) make your steps count! Apps that reward you for simply walking include the AIA vitality and HPB healthy 365.

      8) if you need motivation to run, sign up for virtual races with 42race. Normal virtual races usually cost just $9.90 for various distances, and they mail a medal to your home. The medal designs are always quite thoughtful! You may also sign up for free virtual races, those come w virtual medals. And most races come w lucky draws too!

      9) when on holiday, make use of the hotel gym  or find a fitness class nearby. Exercise in the morning e.g. sunrise yoga by the beach, and carry on your vacation after that!

      10) check out parks and nature reserves in sg instead of walking in shopping malls.

      11) find a fitness buddy because exercises are usually more fun to do w a friend. Sometimes got 1-for-1 deals too.

      12) make use of free/cheap trials to workout and to explore gyms! Examples are fitness first, pure yoga, guavapass, classpass.

      13) find sports teams to join so you have some community support, and that would most likely push you to work harder. Check out running teams like running department, adidas runners,  the high panters etc. For other sports, check out USports. If your company has sports interest groups too then just join!

      14) Check if your company has corporate rates for gyms. Could save you quite abit if you're alr thinking of signing up!

      Diet: 1) hydrate mostly w water. Bring a full water bottle out and refill wherever since sg tap water is fine.

      2) working out more often will likely make you hungry easily, so stash aside some nuts for a healthy cheap snack. Buy no-brand ones weighed out for you at bugis market, or maybe wet markets near your home will have too.

      3) research on whether popular supplements like protein shakes, BCAA etc will rly help in your workout. Quite likely you're not working out at the intensity that justifies buying such pro stuff.

      4) no need to buy expensive healthy/clean food like daily cut/ommivore/whatever. Modify your favourite hawker food like more veg/less rice/whole grain, or try food prepping. I'm a cheapo lazy bum so i usually just go to a cai png stall that doesn't look too oily.

      5) But if you really want actual healthy food, usual cheap food hacks apply too--shop at clearance aisles, use entertainer/burpple beyond apps. Im quite glad that Wafuken is on entertainer!

      6) treat yourself when you're really craving for sth. Like, if you want a coke just do the normal coke, don't do coke light/zero cuz the satisfaction level is different. If you want a latte just do full cream milk cuz it's nicer and you're not saving very many calories by switching to skinny anw. You'll be miserable/angsty if you keep forcing yourself to eat clean all the time. Your healthy lifestyle should be one that's sustainable.

      Have fun!

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    • Nicholes Wong
      Nicholes Wong
      195 Answers, 288 Upvotes
      Answered on 13 Sep 2018

      1st cut down sugar and fast food and you save a lot money.

      2nd drink more water, singapore tap water is good enough.

      3rd If you want to lose fats, fix your diet first before exercising.

      4th Get enough sleep. Im still in poly and i know alot of people with bad sleeping hours. And i became the weird guy who sleeps at around 10pm-11pm and wakes up at 7+am in the morning even though thats how it should be hahaha

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    Npm Adele
    Npm Adele
    13 Answers, 22 Upvotes
    09 Jan 2019

    Mind & Soul

    - read, learn. I take courses but make use of subsidies/apply for awards where available. do your research!!! (e.g. NTUC UTAP, SkiillsFuture $500, SkillsFuture Qualifications Awards)


    • free programmes (SITC) and company-subsidised programmes (lunch workouts for $5/session!)
    • apple cider vinegar+honey+cinnamon+lemon in the morung for detox. be mindful of your appetite as it increases appetite, esp initially. can buy apple cider for about $7-8 per 900+ml bottle on qoo10 when on offer. drink lots of water to dilute the acid thereafter!
    • drink more water, reduce snacking, eat more fruits and vegetables


    • I try to do some mindfulness meditation daily using free apps when commuting in the morning
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