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Asked 2w ago

Loading on insurance Premium - Should i take the offer?

I declared my existing med condition (sleep apnea) and using CPAP treatment. Result within norm range of any healthy people. They replied with 150% loading.

i have an existing ILP plan that covers ECI and CI. This plan was before the med condition. Premium is on higher side but the coverage is only about half of the multi pay. I have checked with my advisor to adjust the premium to all for coverage but it it is still much higher than the multipay with loading. Should i take up the offer?


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Hi there,

If CI is a concern for yourself and is a priority, you should considering taking it up first. Ask your agent to liaise with the company, to ask what are the criteria to lift the loading for yourself.

Alternatively you can also look for a separate quote from a different insurer. Different companies have different approaches, due to the different risk they are holding on to. I have some past experience, usually if the documentation is there, lifting the loading should be no problem. However, this also depends on other factors declared during the underwriting.

Hope i was able to answer your queries, if you need assistance with your matter, do contact me, and we can try and work through your problems.

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1w ago

Thank You!