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Asked 2w ago

Is the manifesto a legal / enforceable document?

It's easy to paint rainbows and unicorns - GST decreases, monthly payouts etc. but what if the incumbent party does not act on these promises, are the citizens allowed to sue based on the 'promises' in the manifesto?


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The manifesto is not a legal document. It is a sales pitch to do this and that...

You have to then question are the promises feasible, desirable , realistic to act upon in the current climate?

You then have to choose the candiadate who you believe will fulfil the promises. Some are really unrealistic as there are better alternatives or focus

That being said, the manifesto is a testament of their promises. If they fail to fulfil them, either make your vote counts now or wait another 5 years to vote against them​​​


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Frankie Rappaport
Frankie Rappaport
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Answered 2w ago

No, I guess it is only broken promises then, not broken law.

because they state possibly "we work on...", "we will ..." in the papers.

Similar to Unit Trust managers, true ? ;-)

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Question Poster

2w ago

It's sad huh, so essentially its who can paint the prettiest picture. It'd be interesting if someone could do an analysis based on past manifestos and see how much has been achieved in each 4-year term of the party. Nonetheless thanks for your reply Frankie