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Asked on 01 Dec 2018

Is the FithPerson Dividend Machines worth it for a few hundred dollars to attend. Anybody care to share?


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 18 Apr 2019

If you are reading this, chances are, you are considering the next step on your investing journey and deciding whether to pay a few hundred dollars to be taught a session on investing.

Particular to the above mentioned FifthPerson Dividends Machine course, it costs close to $469 SGD to attend the course and it’s run only once or twice in the year.

Full disclosure:__We were invited to a FifthPerson class on one Saturday to share our experience. Of which, I will give my full unbiased review here from an attendee POV before breaking down what you should be looking for and what the course is NOT.

If you are keen to read more crowd-sourced community reviews from Seedly community, you can jump ahead here.

TL;DR Summary: YES I would recommend this for the average Singaporean investor (who is starved for time)

  • It is better to spend this $469 for an intermediate course to learn about investing for someone who is starting with a clean state

  • There is a comprehensive online series of content which you can consume in your own time over the weekends

  • Not forgetting that there is a really good offline workshop which you can attend (for as many times as you like when they run the course yearly)

  • You also get a really comprehensive thick booklet with the course material covered that day

  • However, this is NOT a course which you’ll get immediate stock tips and a watchlist (for that you’ll have to pay for the Dividends Machine next level which I did not get)

This course is good for:

  • People who are complete beginners to investing

  • You can easily earn that amount back in dividends in 2 to 3 years

  • If you are looking to do DIY investing (and not the other passive ETFs or index investing etc)

This course is NOT good for:

  • People who just want an easy way to get a list of stocks to buy

  • Someone who is just keen to get positive returns (all the time)

  • You’ll still need to do effort and work on what they teach you before you make the right decisions for the long game

What happens after the course:

  • Yes, I did something. I sold of my loser stocks (which I realised why it was a bad decision to begin with)

  • And now have a better plan when it comes to dealing with market crashes and learnt some strategies to deploy capital

  • I got very interested in AGMs, and thus started attending some of them these few weeks. We wrote about it recently here.

Conclusion: Good for beginners to inetermediate Investors

So all in all, thanks Dividend Machines! And Fifthperson, you may be keen to check out other community reviews, and understand what others are saying about their program.

Victor, Rusmin and Adam are really great guys with a strong passion for investing and they do what they preach. The hallmark of a real educator in my humble opinion.


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

23 Feb 2020

Yup @CH, I would say anywhere between $8k to $10k starting capital you would need to pick out a normal REIT which yields maybe 6%, you would earn back around $500 to $600 which is already the amount you paid for the course fees itself. So thats one way to think about it!
Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

23 Feb 2020

I feel Fifth Person does it for more of a wider reach but lower cost per head. vs other more focused audiences for a few thousand dollars but alot less attendees.
Jonathan Chia Guangrong
Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 20 Apr 2019

For a beginner it's great. Lots to learn and absorb. I like that there are unlimited resits for free and there's also online support and self learning through the portal. And the price is not too expensive either.

For someone who has been investing in reits for some years, it's an eye opener to how they select stocks. Certainly can use this material to do a better filtering and when to buy/hold.


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Bang Hong
Bang Hong
Level 6. Master
Answered on 17 Dec 2018

Didn't attend such seminars that require paying.

I am building my own Dividend portfolio by researching and reading books. It doesnt take rocket science to build a simple dividend portfolio.

If DIY is not your thing, go for plans instead. Even with the overheads included in the plans, it save you time so that you can focus on other things more important in life.


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Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 01 Mar 2020

Very stringent , thorough and careful counter selection process. Course material is informative and applicable.


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Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 29 Feb 2020

Good course for beginners!


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Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 22 Feb 2020

Good for beginners who are interested in dividend investing


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Goh Kah Kiat
Goh Kah Kiat
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 18 Apr 2019

My unsponsored personal review. I attended again this year and most of the points are still valid.

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26 Feb 2020

This is helpful 👍