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Lin Han Cheng

Asked on 12 Sep 2019

Is the Circles Life reception along NEL train good?

How does it perform when loading social media or videos?


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 13 Sep 2019

Oh I take the NEL every weekend and I'm on circles life. It does get drop at stretches between Potong Pasir to Dhoby gaught for me...

But for work wise, I take the Circle Line CCL everyday and the BIG BIG problem is at Buona Vista MRT.

I will just stone there every morning when the data gets cut off. But I guess in some sense, that is also good, I will look up and enjoy life a little more rather than scroll my facebook or IG. haha.

Previously when I was on Singtel's network, it was definitely way smoother... and thus, I may be looking to switch back to GOMO... using this tool which we created, finding that it was something that suited me better:


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Huang Yixuan
Huang Yixuan

13 Sep 2019

Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

13 Sep 2019

Lol oops Dhoby Ghaut. ok

Please take note of the void between these stations for less than satisfactory experience with circl network coverage.

  1. Between Little India and Farrer Park stations

  2. Boon Keng Station


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