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JianHao Soo

Asked on 02 Oct 2019

Is Revolut coming up with a feature to transfer money to a foreign account?

Through Transferwise, we can open a new UK bank account to transfer money into them.


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Sarveen Chester
Sarveen Chester, Country Manager at Revolut
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 11 Oct 2019

Hey there šŸ™Œ

You are already able to make transfers to a foreign account in any of the currencies we support.

Just head to your account, hit payments, bank transfer, complete all the details and initiate the transfer.

Hope this helps! šŸ’Ŗ


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Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

09 Nov 2019

@CS - am curious to learn more as planning some large transfers with Revolut. Respecting privacy/confidentiality; but can you share some more non-identity related details on the particular transfer that had a problem --- Perhaps top level --- what was the quantum of transfer and to/from country?

10 Nov 2019

@Kelly Trinh, I tried to transfer about 1K USD to one of my USD accounts outside US in a country not doing very well financially. The amount kept getting refunded so I contacted support. They suspected account details being wrong. I double checked and fiddled with it a bit and tried again. It still didn't work out. Then another support agent said it's because their transfer partner declining to make the transfer. Asked me to try with a smaller amount but I decided it's not worth my time. (I'd have told you which country if I could private message. Sorry for that).