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Asked on 17 Sep 2019

Is Pruwealth or AIA Wealth Pro Advantage better?

Or should I not consider any of them?


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They're very different plans. Pruwealth is a Whole Life Endowment plan while AIA Wealth Pro Advantage is a Wealth ILP.

Pruwealth gives you bonuses from the participating plan invested by the insurer while that AIA plan gives you the returns of the funds you choose to invest the money in.

I suggest doing more research or talking to an advisor first to understand the products a little better.


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Understand your objective first

(1) Why is it between the two products?

(2) Who introduced them to you?

(3) Is it an apple to apple comparison

(4) There are a lot of products out there in the market.

I agree with Hariz. PruWealth is a long term endowment that gives about 4% if you can manage to hold for 35 to 40 years. (non-gauranteed included)

AIA Pro Advantage is a 50% ILP, 50% endowment which you can withdraw after the first 2 years. However, do take note of the fees and withdrawal terms. There is a penalty when you withdraw earlier.


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