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Asked on 03 Aug 2019

Is Personal Accident Plan necessary for a newborn?

Hi, I am expecting my 1st child and am reading up on the different insurance policies for my child including Seedly articles. Would like to ask if it is necessary to buy Personal Accident plans when the child is still a newborn? The child will be sleeping or at home most of the time right? Or should I only buy it when my child is slightly older at 9months or more when they get more active or start attending infant/childcare?


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Hi there,

You are right that an infant is mostly home bound mostly sleeping. Not jumping and climbing around which is a problem after year1.

The pull to climb phase comes in 6-9months into growth and that' where accident risk starts to increase.

Hence, there is no need for a PA plan from Day0 other than covering risk of HFMD.

I've this post that answers with more details on what PA plans to buy for your child

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25 Aug 2019

Thank you for the suggestion

Personal accident plans are often seen as useful complements for your baby's hospital and surgical plan. Most personal accident plans also cover accidents such as food poisoning, insect bites etc. In these instances, you baby is not necessarily warded and the hospital and surgical policy will not be activated. However, if you have a personal accident plan, the paeditrician/doctor/outpatient fees will be reimbursed by the personal accident policy. Some policies even cover certain viral infections common amongst children, like HFMD.

Personally, I always recommend personal accident plans to go along with hospital and surgical plans. Personal accident plans are often super affordable and I prefer to transfer risks of paying for medical treatment arising from accidents over to the insurers.

For more information, you can refer to the following articles:

Hope this helps! :)

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25 Aug 2019

Thank you for your answer.