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Asked by Ching Shy Lim

Asked on 29 Dec 2018

Is Manulife ready builder's return good enough?

Someone recommended Manulife ready builder for me to save up for retirement. Can get about 4.75% return after about 20 years. Is this plan good enough or are there better plans out there in the market?


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The plan does not give you a 4.75% return after 20 years. Maybe just a 3.5% return. It's a flexible endowment that acts like an ATM after the 3rd year.

Has a compounded reversionary bonus benefit which means if you don't withdraw from the plan, it grows faster.

it's main use is for general wealth accumulation, retirement planning, plus 3rd generation planning.

If you're risk adverse, require cashflow, and want some guaranteed returns, it's a decent asset to have.