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Asked by Liew Jue Yi

Asked on 17 Sep 2019

Is it possible to study University Full time if your family is broke?

My family $ is below average. I was asked to help out with bills at home I graduated with a music-related diploma. Due to my health, I am unable to commit to the media work lifestyle.

Want to further my studies so that I can get a degree and better jobs instead of working contracts admin roles. My family will not be able to support me in this. As I've been paying for my own hospital bills I really do not have much savings.

What are ways I can opt for so that I can afford full-time uni studies?


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Hi Jue Yi, I can imagine how stressful things probably are for you right now. And I'm sorry this has taken a toll on your health as well.

One thing I could consider would be to study part-time instead of full time. You'll have the option to still work in the day and go to classes at night from 7-10pm.

On top of this, you can maybe do some freelance work in music or even photography (don't mean to pry but I saw your photos on your blog and they're great).

I'm not sure how much you can push yourself without hurting yourself but finding these small ways to make an extra income on the weekend by taking on ad hoc projects as they come by can really add up.

In terms of finding how to afford school, you can try for a scholarship, of course, even multiple partial scholarships could give some money to help school be a little more affordable, and of course, you can try and get an Education Loan. I got mine from RHB when I did my part-time University while in NS. You have the option to just pay interest while you're still studying and then start paying down the loan when you find a better job.

And one last thing, a degree also doesn't guarantee that you'll get a better or higher-paying job. Diploma students with experience can still fetch decent salaries. There could be other options instead of just taking on contract admin roles. Maybe speak to recruiters or go for a job fair and see what's available.

All the best. :)


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Answered on 17 Sep 2019

If you are able to get a place in a non-private local university, don't worry as the bursaries and financial aids provided are quite generous. Try out for a scholarship as well! If the financial aid is not 100%, apply for the local uni bank loans with 0% interest until graduation and use your PSEA to pay off any fees. Try and get research assistant jobs in the uni to help with your savings.

If you are planning to go to a private uni, I think you might need to work part-time in order to pay the bills. This is stressful and difficult, so I will encourage you to go for the former option and try your best to get a position there. God bless you! Hope everything works out in your favour.