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Asked on 03 Jul 2020

Is AIA Smartgrowth II a good ILP?

It has 76.8% breakdown in fixed income: top 5 holdings: Singapore goverment securities, temasek holdings, capitaland limited, keppel corp ltd, DBS group holdings

It has 25.9% equities : top 5 holdings : DBS group holdings, OCBC, alibaba group holding ltd, UOB, Tencent holdings.

Invest $3287 yearly for 12 years, and then wait another 12 years till maturity (24 yr plan). Guranteed is $50,000 and non guranteed is $32899.


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Hey there!

AIA Smartgrowth II can be seen as a savings plan. Generally, the difference between an ILP and a savings plan is that in an ILP, you are invested into ILP funds whereas for savings plan, they are typically invested into the participating fund. And of course, savings plan has a guaranteed portion while ILPs typically don't (again, all subject to product type and T&Cs)

You might want to consult a trusted financial advisor so that more can be understood on your side regarding your risk appetite, time horizon, your objectives etc.

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AIA Smart Growth is not an investment-linked policy. Instead, it is a participating policy and your money is invested into the insurer's participating fund.

More Details:

What is a Participating Fund?

We will need to know your objective before we are able to determine whether the plan is suitable for you.

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