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Critical Illness (CI)

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If I have cataracts, how does it affect my insurance underwriting?

Wondering if there will be any impact on Long Term Care, or Critical Illness?


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It depends on when the surgery was done - I have a couple of clients that went through the same procedure.

In any case, I will suggest you to consolidate a copy of all your medical reports and meet with your agent or a professional that you trust. Then evaluate the possible options with him. From there, he will be able to assess the situation with you.

All things considered, if the result is standard, or exclusion, then it is in your favour.

If the result is loading, then we need to make detailed calculations to see if it makes sense.

If the result is postponed, we shall understand the timeframe on when we can submit the application again.

In any case, we will submit an appeal if necessary and stretch the underwriters' to their limits. Know their concern and see how we can overcome it in your favour.

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There may be loading (pay extra premium) or exclusions for anything eye-related.

It can be difficult to estimate how much loading, it would depend on your current age, your age of diagnosis, recent medical reports, and medication (if any).