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I work at a childcare, but the job isn't as expected. My boss is hard to deal with, my co-teacher left, leaving me to handle the whole class. I love the kids,but really want to quit. What should I do?

Basically, other than teaching, I'm also cleaner, administrator etc. I also don't want to abandon the children under my care, and I haven't found a new job yet.

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    • Daniel Lee, Growth Marketing Lead at Seedly
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      Answered 3w ago

      Importantly, if you have lost the love for your job, then I think it's time to begin exploring other options. You can also try to speak to your boss about the crazy workload, alternatively ask for a pay raise perhaps, considering the extra work you are doing.

      But if it doesn't feel right, there's no point pressing on in an unappreciative and toxic environment. Time to start looking out and make your exit soon.

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