I've just realised my intern mate who's from a private uni (sim) actually gets paid higher than me, and I'm from nus! I was shocked and beyond words. Why is it so? - Seedly
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Asked 6d ago

I've just realised my intern mate who's from a private uni (sim) actually gets paid higher than me, and I'm from nus! I was shocked and beyond words. Why is it so?

I'm a 21yo girl currently interning at one of the Big4 banks and most of the interns are guys as i'm in the IB division. Got along well with this girl and eventually we talked about our pay and I realised she was paid $450 more than me. Meaning she's in the $8k range while I'm in the $7k range. Always thought private uni grads get paid less so why is it she gets paid more? She's from jc, not poly, and this is apparently her first internship job, while it's my second.



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Lok Yang Teng
Lok Yang Teng
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Answered 6d ago

It could be an example of private uni students don't actually lose out compared. Your school dont define who you are, it's what you do in and outside of school that matters.

She could possibly edge over in terms of interview skills and manage to discuss for a slighly higher compensation? It could be that she entered through connections/network and was given a more favourable pay? It could also be that the private uni and the company had liasing beforehand and agreed at a certain sum. We can only speculate and there's no need to dwell on that, rather see what you can learn from her!


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She has better negotiation skills than you.

Instead of lamenting about the pay difference and the sense of entitlement, take this time to learn why she commanded a higher salary than you even though she came from a "disadvantaged" school.

If everyone gets thrown into a future just because they did badly in the eyes of society at one point in life, it would be a pretty disastrous world.

Life doesn't give you what you deserve, it gives you what you negotiate for.​​​


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Whether or not we hire a candidate with little relevant work experience really boils down to the way the candidate presents himself/herself during the application process (verbal /written communication) and the vibes he/she gives during the interview (non-verbal communication). Ultimately, we want to have someone who can fit well within the company culture.

You can still impress your interviewers by being authentic (this doesn’t mean you can be rude or entitled or sloppy) and enthusiastic about joining the company. Focus on your value, the contributions you can bring forth to the organisation if you were to come onboard. To do this, you need to showcase that you have done your research thoroughly and ask ingenious questions (not questions that you can easily google) to your hiring panel. It would be great to have an interesting personality (share fun things about your hobbies, past times, volunteer, clubs and societies) so as to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Your past experience and skills in school or out of school could also be relevant to them as well. You just need to find a refreshing angle to package and “sell” yourself. In short, You shouldn’t be forgettable.​​​


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Answered 6d ago

Welcome to the world of reality.

Congrats on landing a highly coveted internship.

Your career path is not a competition against others but with yourself.

Less about comparing, if you like this company, think about how you can increase your value to the company and land a full time position with them after graduation.

With good work ethics and attitude, your payscale will follow.


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Question Poster

6d ago

I thought the world reality was that local uni>private uni ... but thank you for commenting

6d ago

Well. That’s just one factor. There may be other factors unknown to us?