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I met my potential girlfriend to be at work, and we are in the same department. While our workplace does not discourage couples, I'm wondering if one of us should still leave the company?

I don't want to be one of those couples who bring work home in the future.

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    • Steph Yeo
      Steph Yeo, Auntie Uncle Whisperer at Agency for Integrated Care
      85 Answers, 156 Upvotes
      Answered on 12 Dec 2018

      Potential gf to be? Means still dating only la.

      If you decide to go serious, make sure both of you stay objective at work. While you don't want to bring work home, be sure not to bring your private moments into the office too. Can lunch tgt la but dont PDA in office pls.

      Depending on what sort of organisation you work in, and what department both of you are in, HR policy sometimes does not allow spouses to be in roles that may cause conflict of interest. I know this applies to spouses but not sure about bf/gf relationships. So maybe one of you change role in the company if need be. Unlikely that either of you actually need to leave the company.

      And just in case if yall stead alr but it doesn't work out, pls stay professional at work.

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    • Eveline Lau
      Eveline Lau
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      Answered on 12 Dec 2018

      I don’t see a reason why either of you has to quit the company yet because:

      1. You guys are not even dating yet!

      2. Your company’s HR policy doesn’t prevent people from dating one another (but you should check if HR policy allows married couple to be in the same department because may have conflict of interest, if this is intended to be a serious relationship)

      3. I’m assuming both of you are mature enough to not be venting work anger on each other (or you guys won’t be dating each other)

      4. If you succeed in making this girl your girlfriend, you should discuss this with her and make a decision with her consideration instead of brainstorming this and try to tell her that quitting is the best option (vice versa)

      Before you think so far into the problem, I would suggest you think about the following instead:

      A. Will she really turn from “potential” to “official” (otherwise you’re just wasting time daydreaming)

      B. What is your goal for this relationship? Marriage? Or steady first then see how? (See Point 2)

      C.Do you know where to draw the line between work and personal at your workplace. E.g. don’t spend too much time a day skype-ing her, don’t do too much skinship

      D. If you can “bring work home” or not. If you can do it, the chances of her doing it will be much lower because she will reflect what you do.

      E. Can you work with her professionally if this relationship doesn't work out?

      You can hope for the best for the relationship but be prepared for the worst too. If you can’t be prepared, I would suggest to approach with caution. Things may get ugly if it doesn’t work out.

      Hope this helps.

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    HC Tang
    HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
    374 Answers, 896 Upvotes
    12 Dec 2018

    Stay. Afterall, work is all, you just happen to fall in love. Just like school, can couples in the same class quit school or transfer to another class ?

    I believe as long as you guys keep work professional and r/s private, it is alright. Just don't let it affect what you guys do at work will do.

    The questions is, what has workplace couple has to do with bringing work home to do ? ??

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