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I’m in the insurance industry for 3 months now going 4. My future seems bleak, sales is bad, no one willing to give me an opportunity, there’s no team support and low morale. Any advice to be better?

I'm 28 this year, and thinking whether this is the right line for me as I am not really a sales oriented person so it's been really tough for me.

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    • Png Cheng Xi Damien
      Png Cheng Xi Damien, BSc Finance at SUSS
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      Answered on 25 Oct 2018

      If that's what you're facing, you're doing something wrong. Don't repeat the same thing and expecting things to change. Try a different method. Seek a different mentor or perspective. Try to step back and look at your own approach. And most importantly, be ethical.

      If there's no team support, start looking for alternative team/agency to join. No point sticking with something bad. Sales oriented is a myth. Anyone can do it if they try hard and smart enough.

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    • Wilfred Ling
      Wilfred Ling, Professional Fee-based Financial Planner at The IFA on Duty
      3 Answers, 15 Upvotes
      Answered on 02 Nov 2018

      You do not need to be 'sales oriented' to succeed. However, by the fact that you lack team support just means your hurdle is even higher. If you are in the 'right' team, you will receive proper training. Nobody is born to know how to 'sell'. While it is not impossible to succeed without team support but why put yourself in such a position when there are many teams in Singapore that do provide support?

      Considering your client base is still very small, it may be better to just jump ship and get yourself into a team that can truely provide you with such support.

      I am not a recruitment manager but can give pointers on the kind team you should be looking for. Google my name on internet and you'll find my direct line.

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    Thomas Ng
    Thomas Ng
    1 Answers, 1 Upvotes
    01 Nov 2018

    I believe i can help you in this as your problems are the usual ones which are often face by others. But my biz model and platform should be able to assist you if are willing to give it a try, especially we are lookign for team oriented candidates. Do drop me an email at [email protected] No obligations and remember: to be successful, always fall in love with your work! :)

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