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I just saw a facebook advertisement saying they got a lot of commercial properties with $0. How do you do this and what are the risks? I thought need down payment for property?

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    • Loh Tat Tian
      Loh Tat Tian, Ex-Financial Advisor, Founder at Singapore Insurance Value Finding

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      Answered 3w ago

      Always remember, whatever deals you see that is "too good to be true", there are risk involved.

      From what we have discussed in Seedly Facebook, the issues with those $0 property etc falls under a few risk

      1) Overleverage risk. 2) Payment risk 3) Interest rate risk 4) Tenant vs Payment risk 5) Capital lost for property bought risk

      There are many ways to hedge all these risk, but you will need to fully understand before undertaking them. I am ill advice to let you know as I have not studied rental market much in SG (especially industrial and commercial).

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    • Kai Xin
      Kai Xin
      10 Answers, 15 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      This can only be down through collaboration with others. Those with money,give money. Those with no money, give time.

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    Gabriel Tham
    Gabriel Tham, Kenichi Tag Team Member at Tag Team

    Top Contributor (Dec)

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    31 Dec 2018

    not everything you see can be trusted. alot of scams on facebook. Some even said buy bitcoin will be millionaire. Some ask to buy some mlm durian investment.

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