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I have seen many property investing Ads that claim that one can buy and own more than 30 properties with little or no money down. In your view, is this possible? If yes, how can one do so, and what are the pitfalls of doing so?

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  • Krristy Lam
    Krristy Lam, Editor at
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    Answered 2w ago

    There are a number of schemes that purport to do this, but all of them have some variations on the same theme. We examined one such common scheme here:

    But that’s by no means the only one of its kind. Variations include schemes that get people to invest in an individual, who then purchases properties and divvies out the rental income, or simply to invest in a group of businesses that all own different properties.

    While they are not necessarily illegal (many of them are in a grey area), or even bad, they tend to share some common traits:

    - It can be difficult to get out of the investment later, when things aren’t going well

    - The “ownership” may be primarily on paper (such as if several properties are collectively owned by a group of investors)

    - Many of them may not be under close scrutiny or regulation

    This isn’t an endorsement or condemnation of any such specific scheme; but be careful of the risks involved. We suggest you seek some form of consultation with legal or financial professionals before you get involved; the cost of consultation is often much lower than what a bad investment can end up costing you later.


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