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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

I have been offered an internship in a Fintech company after graduating from University studying Finance. The pay is less than $1,000 but I have no experience in this area. Should I take up the job?

Graduated from University of London, results are not very good though


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Yeap Ming Feng
Yeap Ming Feng,
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 11 Sep 2018

Took a pay cut from Bloomberg to be an intern at a Fintech Company too! It was all worth it!

In my opinion, you taking up of job should depend on a few things:

  • Can you learn something and be a better person from your colleagues and bosses?
  • Do you believe in the value and direction of the company?

Make a decision from there, assuming for a start, one does not need much to survive having just got out of university. If you are ok with it, why not try something new and get some experience, provided it is a great company to be in.

After your first internship or job, I guess the results for your university degree should matter less in your future interviews as employers will be more interested in your experiences, skills and knowledge.


HC Tang
HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 16 Sep 2018


If you can learn something good related to blockchain / fintech applications like the dev or structure or how to ops related, then take it up the 1k internship for the time being. As long as you see them willing to teach you (ask them about what you will be ask to do and who will be your mentor etc). If there's something good related to blockchain and fintech applications, then learn as much and as fast as you can, apply and research about it, bear with the 1k for the time being about 8 months to 1 year (depends on how much /fast you can learn/ apply).

After this, you can demand much better / higher pay than 3k rather, so that should make up for it and also gives you a better head start than others who are not in the field or without related experience.



My first job out of uni, was a mentee copywriter position in a local startup. My pay was 1.3k with a monthly increase if I performed well.

I ended the year with a 2k salary, but it was the best decision I could have possibly made in my career.

And its because of who your bosses and colleagues are. If they're competent, you'll learn a lot.

If they're not, you'll be wasting your time.

So make sure, the people you'll be joining know their stuff and can impart marketable skills that can help you earn more or start a business on your own in the next 3 to 5 years.


Npm Adele
Npm Adele,
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 29 Nov 2018

If you are interested in developing in that area, it seems like a good opportunity to learn! Finitech's an up-and-coming industry too


Good Day Every Day
Good Day Every Day,
Level 6. Master
Answered on 16 Sep 2018

It really depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. If you could work in a reputable company with good boss or mentor while learning the rope, then I would say it is worth it.


Serene Toh
Serene Toh,
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 21 Sep 2018

The fact that you are asking this question means the company should be quite wellknown that's why you are considering. (otherwise you are total desprate here)

Make a quick check on where the pay can cover your basic expenses (enough so that you aren't sleeping in cardboard boxes and starving) If it can't even cover the basic, and you're really interested, you can try negiotiate an amount to cover the basics, would help if you can provide a reasonable list of basic expenses (no luxuries)

Ask if the internship (assume 1 year) will lead to permanent job, if there are no accidents. (if this is your dream company & job). Otherwise, consider if working at this company for 1 year will boost your resume.

Personally, if the company is worth it, I think you should go for it. (Unless you really can't afford it) Interns are usually paid peanuts. Don't accept for sake of accepting a job, unless you're really desprate, then try to delay them as much as possible while trying to see if you can get a better offer elsewhere. (not sure about other fintech but for some fields usally as long as you graduate is enough, they dont look at grade, at most honours, dinstinction)



Dear Friend,

Fintech is a term but

  1. does it really improve your skill sets in the Finance Sector?
  2. are u just doing sales or Finance research?
  3. will you be tight down by a bond of 1 year or 2 year?

If the job scope increase your skill sets, i said go for it even when the salary is low.

If is a day job that does not allows you to improve, and if you have any loan or debt to repay, is better to focus on a job that pays you better and clear the loan asap.

Also, the earlier you have good cpf income, it also helps you in reaching your FRS in the future.

Hope my reply helps.

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Thank you.


Nicholas Chan
Nicholas Chan,
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 16 Sep 2018

Definitely worth if it's an area you want to go into in future. Unless you have a better full time offer.


Huang Yixuan
Huang Yixuan,
Level 6. Master
Updated on 28 Sep 2018

I think it's perfectly fine to take up an internship after graduation, it can push you closer to your career goals if tech is an area you want to pursue. Before I started working at Seedly I was helping my friend at his tech start up too, and if it weren't for that experience, I would not have ventured into the start up scene or found Seedly :)