I don't see too much written about (miles) travel with children, any tips? - Seedly





Asked by pop

Asked on 06 Dec 2019

I don't see too much written about (miles) travel with children, any tips?

Is there a way to use my miles wisely whilst travelling with children? whether its redeeming miles or hacking miles, is there a way to go about doing this?


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Hi pop,

You'll want to cap it at J for travelling with young children, as I answered in a previous post, they may be too young to remember what happened. And the difference in J and F redemptions can be substantial. Plus, probably easier to find 4 saver J than 4 saver F, considering the size of the cabin.

Just don't redeem for economy no matter what you do.

No real mile earning tips here other than to maximize your spend, so that you can redeem more flights :)


Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

Try to avoid going for first class trips with kids personally not useful for value of miles. A business class is more than sufficient.

If your kid is below the age of 2, pay for the fare revenue because they only charge 10% of the fee. Redeeming infants for airmiles is totally not worth it



You will have to determine the value of your miles and decide which fare category you are going to travel with your kids.

Travelling in business class may not always be possible with young children - depending on flight rules. Therefore, do your research in advance.

On the thought of redeeming miles for economy fare, it depends on personal perception. Personally, I feel that it is worth it as I value family time over miles. Otherwise, I won't really redeem it for economy flight if I travel alone (a tradeoff that you have to consider).

Other than that, the rest are pretty much the same. If required, call the airline to see if there is any better offer for travelling with your kids - no harm asking, as always. šŸ˜‰

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Say Wai
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

For SQ, children (Above 2 years) pay the same amount of miles as adults for award ticket redemptions.

Hence it makes almost no sense to redeem an economy class ticket for children.

for business ticket redemptions, You need to evaluate if this is worth it for children. To some, the extra attention from the air crew, flat beds, extra luggage, comfort on a Long flight while travelling with young children will mean a great deal.


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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

Apart from getting infant fares for 10% of ticket price by calling CSO to tag to an award ticket, that is.