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I come from a single parent home and I don't want my mum to give me allowance anymore. Where can I look for a job that will hire a 16 years old?

I found this forum while looking for ways to make money

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    • Vicky Faith
      Vicky Faith
      11 Answers, 68 Upvotes
      Answered on 03 Dec 2018

      When I was 10 years old, I told myself not to take my dad (only breadwinner) money and be independent.

      I started with buying and selling some pens and tooth brush through door to door sales to earn 50 cents for each item I sell, then I worked in Action City at about 13 years old to give gift wrapping service for 3.5 bucks or 4 bucks per hour, then i work in a f and b restaurant (my part time job that last me till I grad from uni) for 4.5 bucks per hour. While holding my f and b job, I took up 2nd and 3rd job to make full use of my time. I work in a coffee place that pays about 8 bucks per hour and able to work overnight shift. I work on a puzzle retail place and earn 6.5 per hour. I work which ever place that has available slot for me.

      But while I do all these, I forgotten one thing. I forgotten to communicate with my dad. I forgotten to ask him how he heart ache seeing me working day and night for school fees when he had left a sum of money for me to complete my studies. I forgotten to have proper meals with him.

      As someone working part time, I earned near to 14k per year but I saved none. Because I have no idea how to save money and splurge on whatever I felt that I want it. Also, I missed out what most people would experience as a primary school, a secondary school, a polytechnic and a uni student because my mind was all about earning money to prove my independence to someone who dont need me to prove it

      If you want to work, theres many places which you can work at, especially the service industry, like what many mentioned. But before that, speak to your parent and ask what he/she thinks first. If he/she is agreeable for you to try part time job, find out how you can schedule and balance things out so you will never lose out the moments for you to spend with your parent.

      I'm fortunate that my dad is still around and I'm able to make up the lost time with him since I'm working adult now. But I definitely regretted focusing too much on earning money when I was young and missed out so much things.

      Not discouraging you because I believe working part time will allow you to gain experience you dont get to learn in school or at home. But its important to balance the priorities:) good luck! :)

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    • Fransiska Darjanto-Lai
      Fransiska Darjanto-Lai
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      Answered on 03 Dec 2018

      If you don't mind taking care of cats or dogs you can try to be dog walker or pet sitter. You can go to website like Pawshake. Once I hired a 16 year old to be my dog sitter.

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    Lok Yang Teng
    Lok Yang Teng
    307 Answers, 415 Upvotes
    03 Dec 2018

    Did you just graduated from secondary school or currently still studying?

    If you have just graduated, you can look for part time job on sites like GumTree, Indeed, Jobstreet and more. Do watch out whether the post is by a recruitment company, there'll help you secure a job but at the cost of a fraction of your salary (from the employer). Alternatively, you can write in to companies/businesses for part time work opportunity.

    If you are still studying, I would advise not getting distracted. While studying seems boring and tedious, it's opens up many options for you in the future. Let's not be too blinded by short term rewards and forget about long term plans.

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