I am deciding whether or not to join Finexis Advisory. Any advice on whether this would be a good option for me? - Seedly
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Asked on 10 Feb 2020

I am deciding whether or not to join Finexis Advisory. Any advice on whether this would be a good option for me?

I was exploring career options after I graduate from studying Economics at NTU (it's my last semester, yay!).

After doing more research, I chanced upon this company called Finexis Advisory. It is an independent financial advisory (IFA) firm.

The role that I would be applying for is a financial consultant.

After meeting their hiring manager, I noticed that this role sounds fun as I would not be desk-bound (something that I would prefer to stay away from).

Thanks in advance for any response!


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Answered on 24 Feb 2020

Hello! First of all, congratulations for graduating from NTU soon! and.. welcome to the work force! I hope I can give you some insights!

To me, there's more to look at other than being able to offer my clients unbiased advice. Every team will have its own culture, so you first must have alignment to your leader, and with your peers. I would encourage you to join in for some team outings or meetings if there are so that you can experience it for yourself. Financial advisory is not an easy career, so it is important to have a good environment and team to support you in your journey.

The training here is very good, but also very intense. So do be prepared to grind it out, especially in your first couple of years. My personal motivation is that the direction of the company resonates with my own values, and I know I can really help the people around me through the work I do.

Hope this will help! Happy to share more. Feel free to reach out =)


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It does not matter which advisory team or advisory brand you are joining. What matters is that, you are joining an advisory team where the team leaders have the following three I's:

  • Intensity

  • Integrity

  • Intelligence

Oh it's true, it's damn true!



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Answered on 10 Feb 2020

Not exactly independent. remunerated by A**.

i can only hope your intention to join an independent advisory is to give the best advise to the people.​​​


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