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I am completing my NS soon. I have a diploma that’s suitable for the Creative industry.I want to join the financial industry but I do not have any finance background. Is a total career shift too late?

Do I need to be paper qualified to join this industry?

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    • Jason Sin

      Top Contributor (Nov)

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      Answered 2w ago

      No, it is not too late as you are still young. Perhaps you could take up a course in finance to see if you really like finance before deciding on what path to take. Just my humble opinion.

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    • Yixiong Chang

      Top Contributor (Nov)

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      Answered 4w ago

      It depends which specific area are u refering to. If u are refering to sales (personal sales), then there will just be some regulatary papers u need to take. Those are fairly simple.

      If u want to go into corporate, then you probably should try to get a degree.

      You have not started on your career, so it is still early. =D

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