I am an ITE graduate from the class of 2020. Will it be difficult for me to find a decent-paying (at least $2.5k) job during this period since even university graduates are struggling? - Seedly
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Asked 1w ago

I am an ITE graduate from the class of 2020. Will it be difficult for me to find a decent-paying (at least $2.5k) job during this period since even university graduates are struggling?

Considering our country's meritocratic system, would I stand a lower chance when fighting for a job with a university graduate?


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Due to covid-19, Singapore's economy is greatly affected. Analysts said that our GDP is going to shrink 7% to 4%. This figure is subjective and it might change along the way. The economy is entering a recession this year, many companies will cut down their workforce and decrease the HR plan. What I am going to say is yes, it's hard to find jobs in this situation, even harder for you to find a job paid above $2.5k. However, you can find some useful tips, guides, skills, and advice on this COVID-19 career resource page.

I also suggest you go to these online job portals to find your jobs: TalentTribe, Jobscentral, LinkedIn, Mycareersfuture and Jobstreet. It may be helpful for you. Good luck and stay safe!


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Malvin Tan WP
Malvin Tan WP, Writer at t.me/pwpfpodcast
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Updated 4d ago

Sometimes what happens in the end can be counter intuitive for example employers are looking for ways to cut cost and one of the heavyweight are the high cost salaries.

There are a few possible scenarios;

1) one either employers and employees negotiate to an "supposed lower salary or

2) the employer might want to hire another person instead for the "supposed" lower salary,

3) provided the slowdown does not continue otherwise the company may just not hire at all and close shop.

In conclusion: i believe your chances are actually higher now compared to university graduates ​​​


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If you are entering an institution where the payscale is dependent on your paper qualifications, there is no way around it. You will face a lower chance. Having said, coming from ITE does not impede your ability in the long term, you have a chance and choice to upgrade and grow, the question is whether you want to.

I would say, never give up. I have many friends and clients who were from ITE who did fine.


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Joey Gaeth
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Answered 6d ago

Unfortunately, yes it may be difficult for you to find a $2.5k job if you're job-hunting currently and not find a job yet. However, it is also possible for you to find one that meets such pay. It'll largely depend on which industry you're working in, and also your position in the company. I've a friend who came ITE Nursing and was able to get a nursing job in the hospital IMMEDIATELY with a pay arnd $2.1k as she upgraded herself, took courses to become a registered nurse.

Coming from ITE, surely your starting pay will DEFINITELY not be a degree-level pay, but if you have good internships or working experience and have built good connections throughout your studies, whilst gaining skills and uptaking courses, there's always hope, you just have to fight for it and apply as many as you can, like everyone else.

Even in a meritocratic system, down 10years, it does not matter whether you graduated from ITE/Poly/Local U/Overseas U. Surely, your STARTING will be different, some people more priviledged than others. But if u keep on improving youself and your employer gives you yearly increment, you can catch up. Afterall, if a uni grad slacks and remain at the company for years with no promotion, that's also better to nowhere.

In other words, JUST KEEP APPLYING TO ALL THE JOBS APPLICABLE TO YOU and even if the job portal on the company website is closed/not hiring, you can always email your CV to the HR department (Have a uni friend who emailed cpf board as an assistant and got in). NEVER ask your salary during job application emails or the first interview, until you got an offer and then negotiate.

Hope all the best to you! ​​​


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