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I am a fresh graduate (Free from debt) started my full time job. I wanted to start investing to have side income instead of using my time to trade for money(part time tuition) can you please advise me how do I start investing?

I heard from my friends, methods such as insurance saving plans, unit trust, SG bonds, ETF, autowealth roboadvisor, stashaway etc. I am planning to set aside $200 per month but I am not sure where to start for a beginner like me. Thank you!

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

      Top Contributor (Jan)

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      Answered on 15 Sep 2018

      Profile: No debts fresh grad just started full time job.

      Target: Side income

      Can read this by Seedly for a start:

      With full time job, start budget and finanicial planning. Get basic protection (insurance first, then the $200 can either start somewhere as advice in the links above)

      On the other hand, don't give up on Tuition as side income as it is your side gig supporting your main job. This side gig gives u the $ to save for war chest for investment and use some for holiday and others and even if one day you're changing or in between job, you'll always have this side gig as income. Safety net!

      Meanwhile, read all the investment product reviews and choose what's fit you most.

      Next, save about 1k+ and read review at: to attend investment courses and start taking things into own hands while continue doing full time job and side gig tutition.

      This will allow you to achive whatever your financial purposes / dreams or FIRE early.

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    • Gabriel Lee
      Gabriel Lee
      366 Answers, 558 Upvotes
      Answered on 12 Sep 2018

      Hey, as ShinChan has shared, you can start off by setting up a Regular Savings Plan with POSB investsaver to invest in the Nikko AM STI ETF. Alternatively, you can consider using robo-advisor to diversify your portfolio outside of the Singapore market. Stashaway is a good choice to do so! SG Bonds offers higher interest rates than savings account and is liquid too. While insurance savings plans (endowment) locks in your money and if you choose to surrender the plan/withdraw the funds, you might lose to interest that you could potentially earn.

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    Nicholes Wong
    Nicholes Wong

    Top Contributor (Jan)

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    12 Sep 2018

    If you invest $200 per month, then maybe POSB invest saver might be good for you. From there you should get Nikko AM STI ETF. Just my opinion based on $200 per month. But if you really want to invest on more stuffs, best is do self research first since nowadays informations are all around the internet.

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