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How would you handle it if your son dropped his brand new Iphone (that you bought for him) and the screen cracked? Even if it was a genuine accident?

My friend's son did it accidentally, and my friend got completely mad about it. I thought it was a little unfair because her son is usually very careful, and he worked really hard to get good enough grades to get this reward. (The son is in secondary school)

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    • Leong Wen Fong
      Leong Wen Fong, Community Lead at Seedly
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      Answered on 04 Jan 2019

      I think this is a chance to show him the difference between things that he earned and things that you are willing to give.

      Since he had to achieve good grades in order to get this reward, I would classify this under something that he "earned". From the sound of it, he worked hard to get it, so this is his reward. If we follow your description about him usually being careful about his things, then I do think that this is one of the chance to show him kindness.

      The problem with Singaporeans is that they rather "teach a lesson" about it and say that everyone has to earn everything. I attribute it to the meritocral government we grow up in. People become cynical, and only equate effort to whether someone deserves something.

      My take is that since he has already earned it, and felt the pain of the loss, why not take this chance to shwo him kindness instead? Instead of showing him that he has to earn everything, why not show him that mistakes are a part of life, but it doesn't mean that there can't also be love?

      I know taht this is a highly debatable response, but from the minimal description that you posted, he seems like a good kid, and probably feels bad enough taht he broke the new gift. More than showing him that everything must be earned (which he did for the iphone) why not teach him about being compassionate? I'm pretty sure that he will be grateful enough to take extra care about it.

      For those who say that "he deserved it" or "it's your fault for giving him an iphone". I think it's a very insensible thing to say. Have you not made a mistake at work before? Does it mean you should not be hired? If you made a friend angry, does it mean that you should not have friends?

      There's a time to teach about responsibility, there's a time to teach about character.

      Here's just my 2 cents about it

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
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      Answered on 04 Jan 2019

      Can go check with Apple since it's new and they might honour the 1 year warranty (thought it doesn't cover the glass). If they don't provide free repair, then you can try to find reputable repair shops to repair. After this, get warranty from insurers as Telco these days does that (they partner with 3rd party) or find few external insurers do have such packages.

      In general , do put on a good case and tempered glass, even if drop only need to replace tempered glass at $10 to $15 as a good case and good tempered glass would protect it well.

      Like Wen Fong shared, maybe can use this chance to teach mercy and gracefullness as we all need a little more grace. πŸ˜„

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    Jeff Yeo
    Jeff Yeo, amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing
    268 Answers, 389 Upvotes
    04 Jan 2019

    Being angry about it is human nature, but that is a useless moment that would just make the kid feel worst.

    instead view this as a chance to teach the kid about cost and effect.

    Make him learn about responsibility aka making him pay for the repairs Since it’s a mistake he made.

    This will be carried on to his life in later stages.

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