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Asked on 22 Mar 2019

How worth is it to be a contrarian investor?

Are the returns higher than if I were to following the crowd?


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Frankie Aufhauser
Frankie Aufhauser
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered 2w ago

Then, what is a contrarian investor? there is possibly not a good definition.

going into the different direction than the crowd is maybe not successful.

Somehow (for the U.S.) the SP500 is some kind of crowd thinking (the average

market sentiment) and thus was/is highly successul.

since nobody, even the pros, can robustly predict the market, maybe

the better target points in investing are:

-be debtfree

-invest ultra-longterm (don't buy and sell often), stay course

-reduce fees to the lowest possible

more on my thinking here:​​​