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How to activate Shopback when buying through Expedia app?


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Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 1w ago

For Expedia + shopback I usually do it through web.

Log in to your shopback account -

Find and click on Expedia -

Read the cashback % (its abit lower now) -

Click activate or redeem (red button)-

It will redirect you to Expedia (If it doesn’t check your pop-up or other security details and start from top again) -

You can log in to your Expedia account (that you have set up beforehand) to collect the Expedia reward points, sometimes you can add your airline frequent flyer account here too -

Select your booking (you have to do it all at once, no closing or switching browser). Hence, I suggest that you survey and decide on Expedia first before booking through Shopback. Thereafter about a couple of hours you should receive Shopback email. It will start processing after you complete your trip/booking. Previously it takes a while (few months) to confirm the cashback. Previous exp:

  • Expedia sometimes first send a tentative booking followed by confirmation booking email.

  • For flights go to the airline to double check your booking by keying in the booking code.

  • Expedia sometimes have third/fourth-party eg. Hahn airlines so instead of the airline you need to go to the third/fourth party.

  • For hotels membership I do it during my check-ins.

  • It’s best if you print out the itinerary + 4th party's, whatever codes or number are there.



Aik Kai
Aik Kai
Level 5. Genius
Answered 2w ago

Click on Shopback mobile app, search for expedia in the app and follow the instructions. It will bring you the expedia app via shopback mobile app.