How much is an average 27-year-old's annual salary? How do I know if I am lagging behind? - Seedly



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How much is an average 27-year-old's annual salary? How do I know if I am lagging behind?

Looking to understand that market rate to know what I can do for self-improvement and as a comparison to know if it is time to change my job.


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Hi anon,

This really depends on what your job is, which sector as well as your experience/any niche skill sets you can bring to the table.

You might want to refer to salary guides such as For an idea.

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4w ago

Thank you for the help!
Junus Eu
Junus Eu
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It really depends on the industry!

  1. Objectively - you can check for industry averages here:
  2. Your salary is not the only indicator to see if you are lagging or not. Given that you mentioned self-improvement - you can assess your own skills and see where you are lacking. Given that you are 27 and have had several years of experience working already, you now also have a better sense of what you like and what you don't; what you're good at and what you're not.

3, Speak to your boss (especially if they are supportive) on the areas in which you can do better and step up.


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Answered 3w ago

Depends on industries and also qualification. Working should be for more than the salary. If you are working only for salary, then it is time to go.

Just my 2 cents.


Kelvin L
Kelvin L
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Answered 3w ago

Some people here seemed to answer for the sake of answering. I won't ask you to go refer to figures from recruitment companies, heck knows how they get their stats. I for one highly doubt those figures. I'm a more straightforward person and will say in my humble opinion if you're 27 and don't earn at least 4k per month, it is time you looked elsewhere, assuming you've had 4-5 years work experience under your belt.

One very good source is to have a look at what people are earning on the HWZ forum.