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Asked on 14 Jun 2019

How legit are those get-rich passive income E-commerce marketing course we see on youtube and Facebook?

There have been many ads going around selling get-rich dreams or telling people that they can build a passive income using Qoo10, Lazada and whatever platform. These guys don't really appear legit, have anyone been to any of the courses? Is it a scam?


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先知先觉The coach knew tt money can come in fast for certain seasons n products.

They also knew there are off peak seasons tt drys out profit if any.

So they take in students to make money from them and show them the good seasons.

后知后觉 if the HARDWORKING students are heng in some ways, they make money back from the course but with their hard work. The income might not be consistent.

Most of the time, they dun make back the course fee and any failure is bcos the HARDWORKING students got problems....not true really.

不知不觉 Lastly, the LAZY student who wanna be spoon feed will confirm lose money bcos their intellectual is not meant to learn but to leech.


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Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh, Director at
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 14 Jun 2019

Its not a scam. Its very authentic.

Disclaimer:- I attended different ecommerce courses before, both local and USA markets.

You are not going to get rich just by attending the course. There are a lot of thinking, planning and hardwork to get to the passive income stage (meaning your company has many staff running the operations).

If you refuse to attend such courses, you can learn on your own, via googling, via youtube learning, via checking with the platform guides (Qoo10, Lazada, Amazon all have self-help guide), you can definitely do it on your own.

What the course can do for you is to cut short this learning curve by a lot. Some pple may take 6months, some may take 2 years etc. These courses usually help by summarising what does not work (via their experience) and what works to you so you can save the trouble, the time, and usually the money.

I have learnt from and also a free group

Both paid and free provides different varying level of support. Did I make back the money i paid to my mentor? Of course.

It was a long struggle without going through the paid course, and I am glad I gave up learning on my own and seek help. Even with the paid course material, i still need time and effort to slowly apply and scale up my business.

Do learn if you can afford the time and money. but do not think its a get-rich-scheme. You need to work hard!


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