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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 23 Jul 2019

How do you split bills between siblings?

We are all currently single and give our parents a different amount of allowance every month. We are looking to take over the bills in the house (internet, utilities etc.) and would like to know the best way to split it among us. Should we create a joint account for that OR get 1 of us to pay first before the rest pays him back?


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Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 29 Jul 2019

I personally think the 2nd option here would be good.


Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham, Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team
Level 8. Wizard
Updated on 23 Jul 2019

Perhaps just leave it as it is but each one pay your parents half the combined bill amount in addition to the allowance.

That way saves the trouble of joint accounts, setting up the giro, changing the billing account etc.

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Question Poster

on 23 Jul 2019

Hi, my parents requested as to take over the bill as they are no longer working. So, that might not work. Thanks for the suggestion! Wanna find out what's the easiest way in the long run