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Asked on 10 Feb 2020

How do you set up a joint CDP account?

My husband and I both have DBS Vickers and CDP account individually. We would like to set up a joint CDP account.

  1. Should we purchase under individual account and transfer to joint account? Understand that will incur some fees.

  2. Is there a joint account for DBS Vickers?


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I can't speak for Vickers, but I can assure you that you can open a joint CDP account. Best place to do so would be at their HQ at Buona Vista. Currently only individual CDP accounts can be opened online (if you have MyInfo). Once you have a joint CDP account, you can then open a joint trading account and link it to the joint CDP account.

  1. If you open a OR account, then just directly buy under the joint trading account. The shares will be credited to the joint CDP account directly and either party can still access it in the event that one partner is no longer around. This is provided that you both agree on this (or one of you could be the financial manager of you both, and take charge. The other partner just leaves the running to the first person) Doesn't make sense to buy and transfer, since there are transfer fees, as you have mentioned.

  2. Sorry, I do not know, but I should think so.


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