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Asked by Zhuang Si'en

Asked on 02 Oct 2019

How do you compare yourself with Youtrip?

In terms of cost and features?


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Assuming you mean against Revolut.

Features wise - Revolut richer with remittances and analytics available whereas YouTrip is just focused on FX improvement for travellers (this is a strategic choice by YT, looking to be master of that space rather than playing lots of different spaces)

Cost wise - the two pieces where YT/Revolut compete directly would be FX change on card spend and cash withdrawals.

on the FX side, Revolut had an advantage prevoiusly (Rev used mid rates vs YT Mastercard rates), however YT did an improvement Nov 4th and both are now pretty much tied. Do note that Revolut has a monthly limit (S$9k per month) after which they charge a 1% surcharge, so if you are using very extensively then YouTrip wins.

On the cash withdrawal side - YT do a fixed $5 fee whereas Revolut again use a limit/surcharge approach ($350/mth and then 2%) - so smaller withdrawals favour Revolut and vice versa