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Asked on 27 Oct 2019

How do iPhone and Samsung perform in the resale market?

Say if you're selling the latest model 1 year after using, what price have you been able to fetch?

Heard that iPhone retains its value better than Samsung, but I can't be sure if it is true! Any iPhone / Samsung users who can share your observations?


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Alvin Teo
Alvin Teo
Level 6. Master
Answered on 27 Oct 2019

Another consumer advice again: it's true that iPhones have better resale value and it’s not because Apple users fart nicer than others...

But because iPhones or any other Apple devices do not slow down after years of usage. And they continue to receive software upgrades.

I have been using my iPhone 6S longer than I’ve been married. Around iOS 9/10 was bad till they admitted using software to hold back phone performance (but I didn’t even realise) subsequent updates have been good and no issues.

Used a couple of extra androids and iPhone as work phones previously and I’d say iPhone suits me more.


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Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh, Director at
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 27 Oct 2019

A long-time user of Samsung, and current user of Apple iPhone X.

I usually use my phone for 3 years plus

Have never sold my Samsung before because, by the end of 2 yrs or 3yrs, the phone is slowed a lot, and not working well. No idea if there is a Samsung trade-in or battery upgrades. For all my Samsung phone, by the time I switched, the old phone fast becoming a brick.

iPhone - Apple has a scheme where u can bring in to upgrade ur battery. my wife upgraded once and her old phone become great again (she is still using it)

and my iPhone x, it's almost 2 years and it's still quite good. battery health is still 85%.

if I were to sell it now, definitely will get a better resale value than a Samsung phone


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Question Poster

27 Oct 2019

Thanks! This is very helpful. I've been a long time iPhone user (still using my iPhone 6S) and I wasn't sure how Samsung performs in the long run. Do you find your iPhone X performance slowing significantly as well, after close to 2 years?
Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh

29 Oct 2019

Nope, not slowing down at all. I do feel the battery last lesser now, but only like 10% to 20% lesser
Isabella Mak
Isabella Mak
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 20 Nov 2019

IPhone always sells better (and higher) than android on Carousell :) from experience!


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