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How do I tackle the question of "What is your expected salary?" in job interviews? How do I know what is too high or too low?

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    • Daniel Ling
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      Answered 3w ago

      Unless it is your first job. Or you are changing fields. Or you are not doing well in your current role.

      Always consider 15 to 20% increment.

      1) your current role is paying X amount because you deserve it.

      2) you are moving. New role new responsibility. It is to cover the change.

      3) you could stay and get increment and others anyway. So it is to their advantage to move you.

      Note that you also have to consider if you might be currently underpaid.

      Fully relying on salary guides is also risky as they are often only correct with context.

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    • Jeff Yeo, amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing

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      Answered 3w ago

      My response to this question is

      “can you Let me know the Budget for the role?”

      If the answer is “we are open”

      as The others mentioned you need to do your home work and counter with

      ”I am expecting xxxx-xxxx”

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    Brandan Chen, Financial Planner at Manulife Singapore
    109 Answers, 164 Upvotes
    26 Oct 2018

    Firstly, do research on what the pay range is like for your position across the market.

    As for the question, instead of throwing a direct response, why not ask the interviewer how much they think you are worth

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