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Asked on 11 Aug 2019

How do I go about buying China equity?

How about the new market they try to do for listing trying to keep money in China? Are there any suitable tools to screen China equity?


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Marcus Teo
Marcus Teo
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 14 Aug 2019

My suggestion is to simply buy Chinese ADRs listed on NYSE. They adhere to SEC accounting rules and regulations and have been there for close to a decade.

Currently they are very cheap simply because people avoid these shares during the ongoing trade war. Imo, that is the best buying opportunity in a decade. Thus, i have loaded many strong companies including BABA, JD, BZUN, BIDU and many more. There are lots of quality articles on Seeking Alpha about these companies and their fundamentals. Always stick with the best of the breed.

They may continue to get cheaper in the short term. Long run, i think they will become multibaggers as China continue to ascend.

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Marcus Teo
Marcus Teo

12 Aug 2019

I must warn you that the fluctuations of stock prices can be gut-wrenching. The amount you invest in must be something you are able to hold for many years without withdrawing. Also, always buy the index ahead of individual stocks until it constitutes at least 50% of your portfolio. Good luck!
Question Poster

14 Aug 2019

I totally agree