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Asked on 30 Jan 2019

How do I get started with investment? Is blue chips a good starters?


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Personally, I would encourage a structured way to learn investing.

1) Understand what are the basics, what kind of financial Instruments are available? 2) Understand yourself. What is your risk appetite and your goals. What if, the goals cannot be met if you have low risk appetite)? 3) Are blue chips really all safe? (hyflux, AIG, creative, keppel, Starhub, singtel? 4) economy changes and the effects on business (in turn affects their financial and stock market value)? 5) why does the index survive 100 years but stocks drop out of the index?


Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 31 Jan 2019

I would recommend you to learn the basics of investment and related topics. is a great place to start for beginner investors. Once you are thorough with everything, you can then advance towards real investment.

Yes, investing in blue chips is not a bad idea. Most investors in the beginning are interested in the same as it is considered a secured investment. Those planning a long term investment can invest in blue chip stocks as it can grow overtime and offer nice dividend payments.