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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 12 Aug 2019

How do I begin with Stashaway?

I’m a complete beginner trying to know more about Stashaway, anyone here can share their experience?

Thanks in advance!!


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jiajing wang
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 15 Aug 2019

Read up on the reviews and simple FAqs on their website. You can start with a lump sum for initial investment or monthly contribution to DCA.

If you are investing $10k,get some referral code from the users here so that you and him/her could save on management fee for 6 months.

I wouldn't Comment on the returns since it is suppose to be a long term investment and before you sign up, you have to assess your risk appetite based on the questions they ask you.. Different risk. Indexs would have different supposed returns



Sign up via their website. There is a walkthrough questionnaire to guide you and advise you on an appropriate portfolio.


Siow Nan
Siow Nan, Electrical And Computer Engineering at Nus
Level 6. Master
Updated on 20 Aug 2019

Read up on the website and do a sign up online. There is a risk assessment to help find your preferred risk levels for the portfolio generation.

Once you have decided to try, then just put in your funds and let the roboadvisor buy the units for you.....

If you think it is working, then you can consider increasing your monthly top-ups etc. So far it is working ok for me and I am happy to do a DCA on a monthly basis.

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Jacqueline Yan
Jacqueline Yan

20 Aug 2019

Hi there, I’m Jacqueline from the Seedly Team. :) Just a friendly reminder to not post any promotional/referral codes here. All promotional/referral codes posted in other user's questions will be deleted. Hence, we have removed your referral code from your reply. However, I understand that you have already shared your referral link here on the following Q&A:, so appreciate it! Please note that members who do not adhere to our community guidelines after repeated warnings may be banned from our platform. Thank you!