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Asked 4w ago

How can I improve my current investments?

Hello, currently serving in the army. Been interested in investing for quite some time so I would really like some advice on my current investments.

$10000 cash in SSB (bought before the current rates, iirc I bought at 2.47% interest). I won't touch this unless emergency.

$5000 in robo advisors

$5000 in crypto due to my young age I thought its fine to put in high risk investments just in case

$5000 cash in singlife, i withdraw to dbs whenever needed

Should I change anything? Thanks!


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Lok Yang Teng
Lok Yang Teng
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Updated 4w ago

Personally, I think crypto should be a smaller portion of your portfolio, 10% or less. Cryptos are very risky, not to mention speculative. Having 20% allocation seems a bit high (for me). However, if you are very very sanguine about the prospects of cryptos, by all means.

Depending on risk appetite, I feel there can be a higher allocation to equities (and cut down crypto). At 20, you can choose not to have so much emergency funds since you are very dependent on your parents (depends on individual). You can deploy a traditional 60-40, stocks to bond allocation for your portfolio and withdraw from robos to rebalance periodically (100% equities in robos). If you're willing to spend more time to manage and learn, you can also consider having a 3-fund portfolio through DIY.​​​


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