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Asked on 17 Nov 2019

How can I get started with Miles?

I am a student with no credit card. Am I a suitable profile for getting miles? How can I get started?


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Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao
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Answered on 17 Nov 2019

Hi just wondering why are you looking at miles as a student? Do you spend a lot or travel a lot?

My personal story/encounter is that I started off with a cashback card because I feel that the returns are much more tangible and its 'immediate'.

It's also easier to sign up for a cashback card as a student. You can take a look at Maybank eVibes card with offers 1% cashback on all spend. (Doesnt sound like alot but its a good start without much of a requirement)

Just my 2 cents opinions, do share with me your views as well maybe I missed out something on the miles game.

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17 Nov 2019

Yep, agree. Honestly unless you spend (>$2000/month) and travel a lot as a student I don't see the need to join the miles game when you are not earning an income. Unless you are really in it for the "long term" (i.e. use the miles for a grad trip or a trip >4 years down the road), then maybe the DBS Altitude Card is worth a shot, but once again this is contingent on your expenditure patterns and also whether banks change their T&Cs on miles.

If you have a job with income (e.g. internship), then you can try and apply for a miles credit card.

Alternatively, you may apply for a secured credit card. In most cases, the bank will require a deposit from you, e.g. $10k.

Whether the latter option makes sense to you or not depends on your cashflow.

Thereafter, if you need a simple card that works, I will suggest you to consider Citi Premier Miles or DBS Altitude Card. Both cards are simple to clock miles and the miles will never expire!

Finally, another option is Citi Clear card for student - not a lot of miles @ 0.4 miles per dollar (other cards give e.g. 1.2 miles per dollar), but better than nothing to get started for students!