Hi Seedly, I'm interested in becoming a translator for children's books but what are the chances of becoming one in sg? And how do I get started? - Seedly
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Asked 2d ago

Hi Seedly, I'm interested in becoming a translator for children's books but what are the chances of becoming one in sg? And how do I get started?

I'm looking to be a Kor-Eng translator. I would also like to add that in these times, getting such opportunities would be hard so I'm also open to doing this part-time or ad-hoc as well. Also what would the relevant qualifications for this role require? Would I have to be a linguistics major? Any tips for wannabe translators? What advice would you give to those looking to go into this industry in these times?


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Joel Koh
Joel Koh, Writer at Seedly
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Updated 2d ago

여보세요 Anon,

The world is your oyster! The online world that is.

I have a friend who is currently working full-time as a translator for Chinese novels and manhwa. He does the job remotely entirely from his home and has even started a patreon and selling his own merchandise and is doing quite well.

The best part? He does not have any formal training as his major is related to healthcare and is in no way related to translating. But what got him the job according to him was because he spent a few years in China which improved his Chinese proficiency exponentially. Another thing you have to take note of is the nuances of the language. I am not sure about Korean but I would think that the way children speak and adults speak will be very different. You might be able to pick it up better if you lived there if that's a possibility.

You do not have to be a linguistics major as the study of linguistics is more about studying the technicalities of the language and not learning how to speak the language per se. But it would certainly help.

By choosing to take a degree in Linguistics, Languages, or Translation Studies, you may hone your writing and grammar skills, which might help you develop a greater ability to play with words.

But first, you will need to brush up your English even more. Only after they have acquired high levels of knowledge in your mother tongue should they study a foreign language.

Perhaps you could start on subreddits on https://www.reddit.com/r/Korean/ or watch Korean children shows to familiarise yourself with the way kids in Korea speak.

I think you can also find work on a platform like https://gengo.com/translators/ which might help.

Just some ideas I am throwing out there.

For some inspiration, you might want to check out Sharon Choi Parasite director Boon Joon Ho's translator.


She's pretty amazing haha

Hope this helps!​​​



2d ago

감사합니다! Actually I am currently living in Seoul and learning the language which is what led me to becoming interested in walking down this path. I will definitely go check out what you recommended and the real-life example of your friend that you shared has considerably cheered me up too. There may actually be some hope after all, huzzah! Thank you again!
Joel Koh
Joel Koh

2d ago

천만에요 Hope! All the best :) Hope (geddit) your dream comes true heh
Thank You!
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