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Asked on 03 Feb 2020

Hi, is it very common for elderly who are 60 and above to not have any health insurance?

Would like to survey around here and see if any elderly you know have zero health insurance! Other than Medishield Life. Thanks!


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Hi Anon,

As Hariz mentioned, every Singaporean is insured with Medishield life. If you are interested in looking at an integrated shield plan, you could look at coverage within government hospitals as the premiums are affordable and also the coverage allows the individual to select a class A ward.

So that might be something you can look out for


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Boon Ming
Boon Ming
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Answered on 06 Feb 2020

For older generations they do not have that concept so it may not be very common.

It would proportionate to how educated the society is. Singapore in general has better coverage than in Malaysia, where most of the parents/relatives I know do not have that.


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Well like you did add, there is medishield life. And there's also medisave to tap on.

But whether or not it's common or uncommon, it shouldn't matter.

Health insurance is important. And it's not about getting "better quality of care" or "a more comfortable stay". It's about getting an "as charged benefit" and increasing the yearly claim limit and making sure deductibles and co insurance can be minimised.

100k limit from medishield life is not going to be enough for chronic long term care or serious illnesses that may result in being in ICU for an extended period of time.

Increasing the yearly limit to 300-500k should really be considered.


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