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Will Tan

Asked 2d ago

Hi I have a question about the Citi Rewards Credit Card?

Would appreciate an advice regarding choosing between the two cards. I would like to ask about the Citi Rewards card: understand that there is a 5 year expiry for Citi Rewards points. It also mentions that 10X Rewards = 4 Miles. I am confused about this concept: May I know if this "Miles" refers to Citi Miles or miles that can be redeemed with Krisflyer, etc? Would these converted miles have any expiry date?


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Nicholas B
Nicholas B
Level 6. Master
Answered 2d ago

The Citi Rewards card earns Citi ThankYou Points, which can be redeemed for airline miles. These are not Citi Miles - I believe that is only for the PremierMiles lineup. You will be able to redeem miles in blocks of 10,000 miles (25,000 points), and the expiry date will depend on the airline's miles policy once it is credited into your frequent flyer account.


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