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Asked on 30 Nov 2019

Hi community, is AIA Power Critical insurance recommended or should i explore others?

I'm a female, 26 y/o non smoker looking for CI plans. my requirements/request is that it will cover the most number of illnesses, allow me to claim multiple times despite relapses and there is pay out if no claims were made. Can i ask if this is good or should I be looking at others?


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Hi Anon,

AIA Power critical cover plan covers for Early CI all the way to CI.

As a coverage for purely CI condition, you may explore plans that pay a total of 300% in a CI claim such as Tokio Marine Multicare and AVIVA MyMultipay CI, I'd leave an analysis below of them.


The AIA Power critical cover plan does work well as an early CI coverage. It does not have a group/pot definition unlike the AVIVA and Tokio Marine plan which groups conditions together.

To illustrate how it would be better, imagine having both early stage Kidney failure which is "Surgical Removal of One Kidney" and early stage cancer. They are Early CI conditions in the same group/pot under AVIVA My Multipay and TM Multicare CI, which means claim ONCE ONLY.

AIA Power critical cover allows you to claim for BOTH the conditions instead. (subjected to 12 months power reset). This reset features allows claims of up to 5 times.

The AIA Power critical cover also has an "Pre-early Benefit" which includes type 2 diabetes mellitus and thyroid dysfunction is nice to have. I'd leave further breakdowns in the post below.


If you've further questions, let me know at [email protected] or please speak to a qualified advisor.​​​

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18 May 2020

AIA Power Critical: 'Early stage Carcinoma in-situ definition has been improved to include all sites except those specified.' Can you explain what 'except those specified' sites are?

If you want one of the most comprehensive coverage for critical illness, then you should consider AIA Power Critical Cover.

Above all, it covers a total of 175 medical conditions and is the first and only plan in the industry to include coverage for pre-early conditions, e.g. Type II Diabetes, Thyroid Dysfunction.

On top of that, it covers one of the most number of recurred conditions, e.g. re-diagnosed major cancer, recurred heart attack.

Furthermore, there is also guaranteed cash value in the future years and you may integrate the plan with AIA Vitality for future premium discount (up to 15%).

Finally, AIA adopts one of the most broad definition for claim and there is no grouping for claims. Such conditions are definitely of value to any consumer on the market.

In case you are keen, speak with your agent or let me know if there is anything that I can help with. At the same time, there is a 20% + 10% discount that you can take advantage of (campaign ends on 15 December 2019).

Here is everything about me and what I do best.


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If it fits your objectives you can get it. You've listed pretty much every feature and benefit that the policy covers that aligns with your objectives.


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